Arduino 1.6.8 - sodaq autonomo serial monitor not responding

I use Sodaq autonomo, with Arduino vs 1.6.8 on Windows 7.
Till now I don’t succeed to use Tools, Serial Monitor.
Compiling and upload my serialtest program went fine.

My serialtest program is:

Void setup () {

Void loop() {
Serial.println(“Hello World”);


My settings in Tools is,
Board: Sodaq Autonomo
Port: Com13 (Arduino/Genuino Zero (Native USB Port))

Question: is there something wrong with this Arduino version ?
Or something else ?

Has anyone a clue.
(With my Arduino UNO board everything goes fine)
Thanks in advanced,

Hi Bytewalker.

The Autonomo has a number of Serial Interfaces.

If you want to output data to the Serial Monitor you need to use

SerialUSB.println(“Hello World”);

instead of just Serial.println…

See here for additional details;

Hope that helps.

Hi dathornhill,

Yes, that does the magic !
Very embarrassing, I should have read the manual carefully …

Thanks a lot.

=== Problem Solved ===

Notice that you can use SERIAL_PORT_MONITOR and it will work on all platforms. On the Uno it is defined as Serial, on the Autonomo it is defined as SerialUSB.

But it looks a bit ugly in the code, if you ask me.