Always get +CGATT: 0 Could not connect to the network


I am using the Sodaq U-Blox SARA R410M board and switch to the T-Mobile network using the boot menu. After I switch to Telco (tmobile=0) the configuration below showed up. According to the documentation this should be fine. However, I always get the message below:

[rdResp]: +CGATT: 0
[rdResp]: OK


[rdResp]: +CPIN: READY
[rdResp]: OK
Could not connect to the network

Any ideas what I could try? Could it be that I have no coverage?

Telco (tmobile=0, vf-n=1, vf-m=2, kpn=3, mono=4) (tlc=): 0
Upload Interval (min) (sri=): 5
GPS Fix Timeout (sec) (gft=): 120
Minimum sat count (sat=): 6
APN (apn=):
Force Operator (opr=): 20416
Network (LTE-M=7, NB-Iot=8, 2G=9) (rat=): 8
Band Mask (bnm=): 524288
Server URL/IP (url=):
Server port (prt=): 15683
Send ATT header (OFF=0 / ON=1) (ahd=): 0
All Things Talk Token (att=): pif97GYa
Payload type (0=cbor, 1=hex, 2=json) (pld=): 0
Temperature offset (tof=): 0
GPS (OFF=0 / ON=1) (gps=): 1
Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1) (dbg=): 1

On-the-move Functionality
Acceleration% (100% = 8g) (acc=): 25
Acceleration Duration (acd=): 0
Accelerator Trigger
Sensitivity (1-50) (act=): 10
Back-off time (sec) (bot=): 10