After upgrade 01B to 6.57 messages are not delivered after a while

After upgrading the SARA-N200 01B, to 6.57 the message delivery stops after a while.

The first 2 or 3 messages are delivered to the OceanConnect Gateway, checked this with Postman. After this no new messages are visible on OceanConnect. The totalCount will not increase anymore.

The Debug Stream, Says: “Sending message: “Hello World!”… Message queued for transmission!
Pending Messages: 0 | Failed Messages: 0”

Used the new Sodaq_nbIOT library.

Are there more people with this problem?



Just upgraded to firmware 6.57 on a Sodaq NB-IoT de Luxe board with SARA-N200 02B-00 and an Arduino Leonardo. Previous firmware was (using AT+CGMR): V100R100C10B656.
Current version returns: 06.57,A03.02.
My test program using all sensors on the board connects most of the time using the updated library from
Updated Sodaq_nbIOT.cpp line 24 to outcomment the #define DEBUG
I get the impression I see more “Failed to connect” messages than before …


Hi Franz,

The network is still in a testing stage.
Let me know if you keep having issues with connecting to the network.