AccMeter.enableInterrupt with low G

Hi this is my code to detect if the device has fallen over. But It only works if its flipped at speed, it does not work if I slowly move the device over the threshold axises.

How can I make this work so it will pickup that the device has “flipped” even when doing it very slowly? The reason is the device is inside a field device and we need to know if something has knocked it over, or wind blew it over slowly etc etc.

AccMeter.enableInterrupt1(AccMeter.ZLow | AccMeter.YLow | AccMeter.ZHigh | AccMeter.YHigh, threshold, 0, AccMeter.PositionRecognition);

I read this in the docs and I believe I have to change the default settings?

enableAccelerometer(AccelerometerMode mode = NormalMode, AccelerometerODR odr = HrNormalLowPower25Hz, Axes axes = XYZ, Scale scale = Scale2g, bool isTemperatureOn = true)