About GPS on SARA N211


I am developing on SARA AFF N211 board. Now I have a question about the GPS module.

  1. I check the schematic and find you do not connect the EXTINT pin of the GPS module and set it as void. So how can I set up GPS as low power mode by programming to Arduino? If you connect it to somewhere, can you tell me where it is?

  2. And do you support a way to configure the GPS module by programming on the board without using the U-center?

Hi @napoleonwar,

  1. We have a GPS Enable pin, with this pin you can toggle the sleep/on mode.
  2. You can send the commands yourself over I2C, U-Center is not required.

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Hi @Jan,
i would like to ask you one thing about sendings commands to the Ublox GPS Module over I2C as you said here.
Can I use this sketch to send the commands?
If so, can I simply write a UBX command (taking it from the UBX Protocol Specification)?

Thank you,

Hi @Francesco_Trombetta,

Yes you can use that sketch.
You can find all available commands in the u-blox documentation

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