3.3V Camera Sodaq Mbili


is there any camera available that can get used with Sodaq Mbili. if i am correct it should work on 3.3V and be able to communicate via groove connector.
the aim is to be able to take pictures, for example every X minutes and store them to the SD card.

Has anyone experience with that?


This one runs on 3.3V, using a UART/Serial connection.

I’m not sure what connector that is, it doesn’t specify. The pins are the same as a Grove UART, but are in
a different order.

Do you know where that item can get bought? the link says the item has been discontinued…

Yeah sorry, that model seems to be discontinued.

This site seems to have a range of cameras, many of which are 3.3V compatible.

Some support I2C or SPI interfaces.

I haven’t had a look at what libraries they provide.

Here is another UART camera: