Sodaq SARA-R4 HTTPS request to Firebase


I am trying to send POST request to Firebase platform, using the SARA-R410M 02B.

If someone is able to provide example code of successful POST request, I would be thrilled :slight_smile:
This is the sequence of AT commands I used:

at+uhttp=0,9,“0:content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

If someone has a clue what I’m doing wrong,
it would be perfect to find out my mistake is something at syntax side,
or something I am missing to do when using HTTPS.

Thank you!

If you did not solve your problem here what we did: use Sodaq_R4X libriary which can be found here . They created some very nice handlers with sara r chips.
When we defined our constants constants we used this:
HttpHost = “your firebase header (provided by you in your comment)”
HttpPort = 80
HttpQuery = “/your function” (eg. /test)
you should receive the answer from the server and you need to interpret it.
Hope you found the solution or this will help