I am using SODAQ SARA AFF with a Vodafone SIM from Italy.
I have successfully updated the firmware of the ublox and I am using the updated SODAQ R4X library, however using the example (‘mqtt_test’) I cannot transmit via MQTT using NB-Iot.
I saw the FAQ and checked that everything is correct.
Can anyone help me solve this problem is urgent.

Hi @jessica,

Vodafone only support UDP over NB-IoT.
MQTT requires TCP.

So unfortunately MQTT + NB-IoT will not work.

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Oh… Thank you so much.
Do you know if other operator can support this kind of transmission?

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Hi @jessica,

All NB-IoT networks I have worked with only support UDP.
The example works with LTE-M and 2G, all LTE-M / 2G networks should support TCP.

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i in italy using the tim operator both mqtt and tcp work well.
I developed an application for my degree thesis using nb-iot mqtt and tcp.

Because I am trying also the Things Mobile sim but it doesn’t connect to the network.
Did you use a standard Tim mobile Sim?

Things Mobile in Italy : “Things Mobile ha copertura in più di 165 Paesi del mondo supportando tutte le reti attualmente disponibili: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-1, CAT-M1 e prossimamente NB-IoT. In particolare la rete 2G è ancora un’ottima soluzione ovunque, se non sei ancora pronto a passare alla rete 4G LTE.”

i not used a standard sim but a m2m sim provided by tim through university.
I think if you contact tim business directly they can give you more detailed information.

Thank you so much!
I will try to contact them!