Connecting from Ireland

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I’m a new developer, looking to connect the NB-IoT shield using vodafone’s NB-IoT network in Ireland.

Using the example code from github, how would you suggest id edit the following line:
if (nbiot.connect(“”, “”, “20416”)

Is this example is using huawei oceanconnect cloud platform? How would I edit for an alternative cloud platform such as

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How can I find out the correct provider ID for vodafone in Ireland in order to connect my SODAQ NB-IoT shield?


I would say, get in contact with your local service provider:,


Did you get an answer ?

The operator ID is a combination of mobile country code (MCC) and mobile network code (MNC). So, the operator id format (MCC/MNC) for Vodafone Eircell is 27201.

In the command line example you showed, operator ID is for T-Mobile NL (MCC: 204 and MNC:16) which will make the operator id code: 20416.

Please feel free to check your serving operator MCC/MNC in the below link.

The “” is the APN (Access Point Name) for NB-IoT in T-Mobile NL service. If you are not using T-Mobile NL SIM card, then you probably need to check what the APN used for NB-IoT service in your serving operator.
The “” is the CDP IP which is connected device platform IP which also belong to T-Mobile NL core network element.

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Did anyone manage to connect to Vodafone Ireland NB-IoT? I have a Sodaq Sara R412M in Cork and would love sample code to connect to Vodafone Ireland or My ‘V by Vodafone’ app is showing that my NB-IoT vsim is connected.

These are the settings that I tried but must be incorrect:
const char* apn = “”;
const char* cdp = “”;
const char* forceOperator = “27201”; // vodafone eircell Ireland

As this fails to connect:
if (nbiot.connect(apn, cdp, forceOperator)) {
DEBUG_STREAM.println(“Connected succesfully!”);

Or, has anyone a contact for NB-IoT support in Vodafone Ireland?


Hi @lisa,

Should be not not used in code. This is for COAP, the sending to AllThingsTalk is with UDP.

The correct APN: nb.inetd.gdsp
See also

You can force the operator, or use “0” to use automatic.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Jan for your quick response. I tried the code you recommended in and entered the AT commands in the serial monitor but the command AT+COPS=1,2,“27201” hung so I tried AT+COPS=0 as you advised in:
NB-IOT in Germany with Vodafone SIM
I could proceed further until I got to command: AT+USOCR=17 Response:
+CME ERROR: No connection to phone

If you have any advice on how to troubleshoot this, or if you have any other useful tutorials for complete beginners I would be very grateful. It would be super to be able to get a message out and start the fun stuff. :slight_smile:


Other code:

+URAT: 8
+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“nb.inetd.gdsp”,“”,0,0,0,0

It’s correct this command ‘hangs’ you force it to connect to this operator. It will timeout after 5 minutes.
So you have to be a little patience.

With AT+COPS=0 you will get a reply immediately but you are not connected.
You have to send AT+CSQ till you have a valid CSQ (no 99,99 but something,99)
And the AT+CGATT till you are attached, return 1.

Can you send me the firmware version of your module?
The command is “ATI9”

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Thanks again Jan. When I wait for connection I get this error:
+CME ERROR: no network service

When I send ATI9 my firmware version returns as:
I see on your website that the latest firmware version for the R412 is M0.10.00,A.02.14

If someone can direct me to a download and instructions I will upgrade my firmware.

Regarding the network service error, would you recommend that I contact Vodafone Ireland? I have tried in the past and it is hard to find anyone who knows about NB-IoT. I have been told that NB-IoT is available in my area.


I am now getting a signal value between 6 and 9 but getting a connection error. Is the signal too poor or should I check something else?
+CME ERROR: No connection to phone

Before the error above, this is the feedback :
+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“nb.inetd.gdsp”,“”,0,0,0,0
+CFUN: 1
+COPS: 0,0,“272 01 CIOT Vodafone”,3
+CSQ: 9,99

Hi Lisa,

The signal is very poor, but you should be able to connect.
When you have a signal you are not automatically connected. Since you have poor signal getting connected can take some time.

You can send the command AT+CGATT? when it returns 1 you are connected.
You will be able to send data when you have a valid IP address, this can be checked with AT+CGDCONT?

The first check you do with AT+CGDCONT? in your AT sequence is to check the APN.
After you are connected you can use the same command to check the IP address.

Have a bit patience, it can take up to 3 minutes per band to scan and get connected.
With AT+UBANDMASK? you can see the used bandmask.

Hope this helps you get connected.

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It’s recommended to update the firmware, can you send an email to us?
Then we can link the firmware files.

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Has anyone in Ireland connected to Vodafone Narrowband using Sodaq R412M successfully?
I’d love to know the APN and settings used.